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Clyde G

By Emily Gabriele | @EmilyGabriele

Clyde Guevara doesn’t need an introduction, he’s been around and making music for quite some time now. Between producing a beat for Ghostface Killah some time ago and having consistent “run-ins” with high-profile artists, his musical presence is no stranger to the industry. Oh, you know who else is hot on Clyde’s heels? Record labels. No surprise there.

“There are A&Rs that are always interested.” Clyde began. He went on to explain why he has yet to be signed to a label. “I’m trying to tell them they’re watering down the market. They’re so interested in someone that has 100K followers on Twitter and yet they’re mediocre. You’re going to give them a deal ahead of someone who is actually talented? I’m trying to explain to them, you’re never going to find another Kanye West.” To that point, Clyde expressed that he is unwilling to compromise his artistry in order to get signed.

So wouldn’t you think that Clyde is discouraged at the incessant attempts of labels trying to monetize his music? Nope. “I don’t get discouraged because it’s not affecting my craft at all – as long as I can create. I am an artist. I was born to be creative. All of my videos, I write all the treatments to them, I make my own beats, I write my open raps. I produce my own beats, because I want to.” His point of view on making music and being creative seems to coincide with the thought process of most true artists.

Yet, in Clyde’s opinion, most industry heads don’t seem to pay much attention to preserving the simple artistry of music. “There’s a fine line between artistry and entertainment and they’re trying to blur that line. They’re trying to make us think that every artist has to be driving a car or wearing a chain or do something funny. Before you know it we’re going to be playing Juicy J at a funeral.” He laughed and then followed up his statement with, “I’m serious, man.”

This Brooklyn-bred “rapper” continues to create just for the simple fact of expressing himself. However, he is pensive enough to recognize why he may not have found success on a grandiose level…yet. Clyde pays attention and can see that it takes more than one person working your music in order for you to make it in the cutthroat entertainment industry. “It takes a team. New York is so hard to have that because everybody wants to be the first guy. Everybody. Everybody wants to be the man. You can’t team up with an artist because everybody feels like they’re the difference maker. They want the spot.”

Clearly Clyde won’t ever stop fulfilling his desire to make genuine music. But will we ever see Clyde G on the cover of Billboard magazine? Probably not – he doesn’t seem too concerned with “making it” by industry standards. At any rate, he seems to be fixated with telling his story through the medium of hip-hop. That is something that won’t change.

Be on the look out for Clyde and Kris Kasanova’s collaborative track coming out soon and Clyde’s newest track, “Corner Store.”

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