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Freddie Gibbs Did Not Want To Be On A Song With Eminem

Young Jeezy has been making the media rounds as he gears up to release his next album, Seen It All, and as part of the media marathon, he’s been fielding questions about the guy he once signed to CTE – Freddie Gibbs. He’s told his side of the story to Elliot Wilson, Sway and Ebro, but today Freddie Gibbs walked into Hot 97 to give a rebuttal.

In the interview, Gibbs says that Jeezy never saw him in a club and beckoned to have Gibbs come over. The Gary, IN rapper also says Jeezy might have spent money on one video that got canned, and nothing else.

The kicker, though? Gibbs claims that the song Jeezy put him on with Eminem wasn’t something Gibbs wanted to do in the first place. Shmarshall Shmathers be damned. Watch the whole interview up top.

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