A Full Guide to Understanding Chris Brown’s Relationship with Karrueche

via eonline.com

via eonline.com

Chris Brown and Karrueche. What else is there to say about them besides “Oh, Lord. They’re back together…AGAIN?!” Having your relationship in the public eye must be hard, but these two have no problem entertaining us with theirs. Following any one of their social media accounts allows for front row seats to where their relationship is, or isn’t headed.

This relationship can perhaps be the most tumultuous one that’s in the public eye, unless we swap Karrueche for Rihanna; then that relationship might take the crown. Safe to say it’s hard to keep up with the constant change in Brown and Tran’s on-and-off-and-on again love affair. So, in an effort to help everyone understand this insane relationship we’ve broke it up into its most basic stages.—Leticia Rivera

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