All You Do Is Win…Except When You Play With These Madden Teams, But We Can Fix That (Game Theory)



My iPhone constantly buzzed this past Sunday at 7pm on the dot, while smoking hookah and chugging down shots of Tanqueray at a not-to-be-named day party. Discombobulated and startled by the incessant buzzing, I checked the device to see what I was being alerted on. And there it was staring me in the face: “8pm, Preseason Football—Giants vs. Bills.” I had no clue that I added this in my calendar in the springtime. It shows how much of a fiend I am for America’s true pastime, and for good reason. Since the end of the NBA Finals in June, the following months have been nothing short of boring—equivalent to watching the first two episodes of Martin Lawrence and Kelsey Grammar’s new Partners sitcom on FX. UGH! Add to the fact that NCAA Football, which usually drops in July and bides my time in the dog days of summer, has yet to be added to next-gen consoles, and you have the makings of a lackluster sports period. Nevertheless, excitement overcame me because football is back! Which also means Madden Season is upon us.

More than likely, at the stroke of midnight on August 26, my phone will alert me of the release of Madden ‘15 (even though, I will have a copy of the game before then—first of all I’d like to thank my connect!). And while some of Madden Nation will quickly jump into Online Mode where they can test their mettle against their friends and strangers, alike, many others will focus on creating success stories in the Franchise Mode (or Connected Careers or Owner Mode, depending on the gamers’ preference). With that said, here are the most intriguing teams to spend hours of time, normally spent watching Maury, Love & Hip-Hop or any other form of ratchetness, retooling, rebuilding and winning multiple Lombardi trophies with.By Sean A. Malcolm

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