Bonnie B

By Emily Gabriele | @EmilyGabriele

Coming in heavy to represent the females of hip-hop, please welcome Bonnie B. Formerly known as “Bonnie Blunts,” she has shortened her name and her tolerance to the lack of female representation in the hip-hop world. “I’m that Puerto Rican princess, but at the same time I have a twist,” she commented. What’s her twist? Well, Ms. B is definitely not afraid to spit the truth, and to her, the truth is a bit raunchy at times. “Guys get to say whatever the hell they want to say about a female. But if a female does the same it’s like, wow. But you know what? Females can do it too.”

Bonnie has been putting herself out there as an artist for the better portion of the past four years. Initially, she was affiliated with the crew of LVLYSL. She dropped her first complete project, The REM State EP, in August of 2013. The tape gained a decent amount of traction but its release was just a small stepping-stone for Bonnie. “I was experimenting with that tape. Like, all right, do I really want to say this? Do I really want to say that? What do I want people to know?”

Evidentially Bonnie B’s experimenting paid off. This past January 2014, Ohla, an instrumental member of the Tanboys movement, reached out to Bonnie B in hopes to add her to their roster. Graciously, Bonnie accepted Ohla’s outreach and now holds down the spot of Tanboys’ “first lady,” retiring her affiliation with LVLYSL. Yet, along with transitioning into a new space, comes the fear of not being able to live up to expectations. In other words, Bonnie doesn’t want to fail.


“I’m not scared to fail. I’m not going back to my old life. I can’t do it. I just can’t do it. If I fail – I fail – you know what I mean? If you work as hard as you can, nothing can stop you. Only you can stop you. If you quit, that’s stopping you. You never know what could have happened, or what you could have became. There’s so many times where I just wanted to stop. I’m sure there are a million other people that have felt the same. But if I have come this far—if Tanboys have reached out to me—that means something. That means they believe in me.”

With her new alliance with Tanboys, this Tangirl is more determined than ever to continue her career as a female rapper. Her objective is to make her own personal mark and be relatable. “The real success is just self-fulfillment. Being happy with what you do making sure that there are people that can relate to you. You don’t you don’t you don’t ever want to feel alone. If you’re mad about something you want to know that there is someone out there that feels the way you do. I want to be heard.”

Bonnie is currently working on her mixtape, Young Gri$elda that is set to drop at the end of October. The project is set to have 12 to 14 tracks backed by Tanboy beats. By the way, Bonnie B shares a birthday with Drake—October 24th—so if nothing else, give her a birthday gift and check out Young Gri$elda when it drops.

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