11 Surprising Places Beats By Dre Are Banned


It looks like Dr. Dre’s Beats Headphones have created a diverse amount of publicity for themselves. Bad publicity is still considered good publicity though, right? Whatever, I still love my Beats, as does the rest of America. Sony Entertainment, however, feels differently…

The major sponsor for the 2014 World Cup has banned Beats by Dre headphones from being used in the arenas. Now that the World Cup is over, I am sure the athletes and fans are super excited to be able to sport their trendy, “let me drain out the world with my jamz,” ear pieces.  These newly-owned-by-Apple product are the pinnacle of headphones, and everyone owns a pair! Jealous much, Sony? You’ll be shocked to know that The World Cup wasn’t the first to ban them. We’ve rounded up the rest of the “WTF” places.

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