The 17 Best Quotables From Mick Jenkins ‘The Water[s]’ (Verse Behavior)

via youthfulkinfolk.com

Mick Jenkins caught a lot of ears (and eyes) after dropping his compelling video for “Martyrs” last December, where he dons a noose around his neck and speaks on the state of misguided youths in Chicago, and America in general. After a slew of other tracks and guest features Mick has finally delivered his highly anticipated project, The Water[s].

In a time where most of hip-hop is about turning up and chasing paper, Mick’s Water[s] is a breath of fresh air. With this mixtape, Mick hopes to touch the minds and hearts of many, and at the very least, build awareness for what he believes is a system all about checks with no balance. Let’s see how he did it by taking a look at the best quotables from Mick Jenkins’ The Water[s].

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