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The 5 Best Arsonal Da Rebel Battles (On YouTube)

5 Best Arsonal Battles
5 Best Arsonal Battles

5 Best Arsonal Battles

Arsonal De Rebel is the most fearless battle rapper in the world, plain and simple. He’s always on someone else’s stage….in someone else’s face. You can critique his style and nitpick his lines, but you just can’t deny how brazen the guy is when it comes to accepting battles. Some say he’s straight up the best battle rapper out right now.

His resumè alone eclipses those of his contemporaries. He’s travelled all over the world to put his reputation on the line, and win or lose, he always seems to come out unvarnished.

For this weeks 5 Best Battles, we studied the New Jersey rapper’s history and picked out his finest performances. Now we just need to see Cassidy accept the challenge Ars proposed on the Total Slaughter stage. While we wait, here are the 5 Best Arsonal Battles.

Note: obviously, not all of Arsonal’s battles are available to view on Youtube, so if you have a better selection that isn’t online, let us know in the comments what battles you think are Ars’ best. 

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