Detroit Rubber

Detroit Rubber Ep. 1 of 8: Here’s What You Missed


This week on Detroit Rubber, the guys are blessed with the opportunity to work with none other than Jimmy King. The Fab 5 literally changed the NCAA & NBA by spearheading the movement to updating Michigan State’s look and attitude. Although some apparel has been sold here and there throughout the years, there was never an official line of clothes that was cosigned by the original members of the Fab 5, until now.

Ro and Rick take on the challenge to come up with a simplistic design that would represent the Fab 5 down to the inside lingo used by the players. Even Devin got to chip in with some insightful input that would make the line of T-shirts more exclusive. Did the crew manage to impress King and the Fab 5? Catch up on the episode here.

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