NFL Claims Immunity in Oakland Raiderette Cheerleader Lawsuit

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Cheerleaders across the NFL have begun filing suits against their teams with claims of poor working conditions and below-minimum wage payment, but the NFL is claiming immunity, specifically, in an Oakland Raiderette cheerleader lawsuit.

There are two different suits involving Raiderettes, claiming they were forced to work in an environment where they needed to change in public and were subject to groping from inebriated fans. Beginning this season cheerleaders are paid $9/hour, California’s minimum wage, as opposed to $125 per game with no additional compensation.

The NFL rebuttal, filed on Aug. 5 in Alameda County Superior Court, argues that because the California Supreme Court found that players cannot bring antitrust claims against their teams, the NFL, therefore, is immune from state labor laws.

“The NFL is not a party to, and has no authority to enforce the Raiderette Agreement,” the NFL’s attorneys wrote. “The NFL simply does not belong in this case.”

One would think the nation’s richest sport would pay their cheerleaders a little more than minimum wage. Your thoughts? Should NFL cheerleaders be paid more or is minimum wage just fine? Drop a comment below and let us know.


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