An Aaliyah Song You Never Heard and 9 Other Things We Love About Her



It’s safe to say Aaliyah was one of the G.O.A.T.s in her era. She was drop-dead gorgeous and extremely talented. Whenever she sang, we listened. Whenever she danced, we watch without breaking the stare. Aaliyah was, undoubtedly, one of hip-hop’s best assets.

After completing the filming for the video to “Rock The Boat,” Aaliyah, eager to return to the States made the decision to leave early. The designated plane was smaller than the Cessna 404 she originally rode to The Bahamas, where she was filming. The place crashed shortly after takeoff and that was the end of her legacy. Losing her was a tragedy and struck the hearts, even souls, of many.

Had she still been alive, there’s no doubt she’d be competing with Beyonce in status. Today marks the 13th anniversary of her death and so in her honor we’re remembering some of her greatest moments.

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