Could Chris Brown Be The Reason Why Suge Knight Was Shot?


The VMAS went down successfully last night however, it wouldn’t be official unless some serious drama unfolded. Over the weekend, Suge Knight was shot at least six times while attending Chris Brown’s pre-VMA party. The dramatic scene went down at 1Oak in West Hollywood, where several celebs like Tyson Beckford and Black Eyed Peas rapper Apple de Ap claim they heard the rapid gun fire in the club.

According to TMZ, the former Death Row Records CEO, was able to make it out of the club by himself but was assisted to the hospital. He was admitted and immediately rushed into surgery where he’s currently resting according to his family.

As the investigation flourishes, it’s becoming apparent that Chris Brown’s alleged gang affiliation might be the cause for what transpired inside the club. Brown was seen throwing up gang signs in the club and rocking a red bandana. The Game was also in the building and apparently got into an argument outside the club before entering. Although it’s not confirmed that his incident wasn’t the direct cause of the shooting, Suge, Game and Breezy’s affiliation with the Bloods are being investigated as to the overall cause of what happened at 1Oak.

Check out some videos from the scene the terrible scene here.

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