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The Bronx has produced yet another rising star and he’s making sure his name is known all over the country. Conan has been sitting in the background of the studio since he was just an infant. His family’s involvement in the game made a lasting impression that fueled his dreams of becoming a professional rapper.

“My father, Shampoo, he was signed to Select Records with Main 1 Ghetto Child and I was just always around them in the studio,” said Conan. “Shouts out to Main 1, that’s my uncle. He was rocking with Big Pun and all the Puerto Rican artists that were coming up. The inspiration just came about from my surroundings. My mom was even rapping, she had her little girl clique so I was just on the sofa bobbing my head.”

Conan and his Ruzh Boyz/YNVS crew have been making noise around New York City for some time now. His style is reminiscent of a time in hip-hop when latino rappers like Big Pun, Fat Joe, and more were running the streets and constructing rhymes that neighborhoods across the country could relate to. He fuses that with the new sound of southern hip-hop that the airwaves have come to love.

“As far as the new era of rap like the dirty south, I’m killin’ those beats. Give ‘em some of that New York shit over those Atlanta or Chicago beats. I’m killin’ those. Gimme those.”

Coming up from an amateur rap group called Illest Spittas, Conan knew he wanted to tell his full story to his fans around the world. When his group split, the Puerto Rican rapper began his solo career and hasn’t looked back.

“Second Step To Success”

After releasing his first project The New Beginning last year, his name has been echoing throughout underground and mainstream airwaves. Since then, Conan has taken his mixtape on the road with the likes of Noreaga and the Goodbelt Gang during their Coast 2 Coast tour and performed several guest spots during Lil Wayne’s Amerika’s Most Wanted tour.

Conan continued his grind by appearing in numerous shows and events in NYC including the Puerto Rican Day Parade. After serving as the featured artist for PNC Radio’s Official Mixtape Series, Conan dropped his second album 2nd Step 2 Success. The lead single “I Grind” with Maybach Music Group’s Torch has been heard on major radio stations up and down the east coast.

“It’s called 2nd Step 2 Success because I experienced a lot during the first project.,” explained Conan. “I toured to perform that project. I opened up for Noreaga during their Coast to Coast tour with the Goodbelt Gang. I saw a lot of things and I’m going to talk about everything I went through in my journey with The New Beginning and put it into this new project.”

Out of the melting pot of artists New York City has to offer, Conan’s hustle continues to outshine the rest and plans to stop at nothing until his childhood dream is successfully fulfilled. You can purchase Conan’s new album 2nd Step 2 Success available now on iTunes.

Check out Conan’s The New Beginning below

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