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Jim Jones Disses Dame Dash, Dame Responds

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This is unexpected. Earlier today, Jim Jones took to Instagram to call out Dame Dash for being the “real culture vulture.” Dame responded (respectfully) on Instagram with a message to Jim advising that it looks dumb when Harlem hustlers beef with one another.

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You have to wonder – what’s going on here? Dame has been on a campaign for months crusading against people like Funk Flex and Joie Manda of Interscope, who Dame deems as “culture vultures.” Dame has also been working with Cam and Dipset in collaboration with A-Trak and the Fool’s Gold camp, most notably for ‘Dipsh*ts.’

Everything has seemed peachy in recent months, with Dame and the Dips appearing together in pictures and videos. ‘Dips–ts’ has been a summer staple for heads praying the return The Diplomats is imminent, but now things seem rocky. It’s still unclear why Jim took a shot at Dame, but it looks like we might find out soon. Read Dame’s full response to Jim right here.

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