Five Reasons Why Drake Should Back Down From Murda Mook

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Murda Mook has been enjoying the spotlight since stealing it from Loaded Lux at “Total Slaughter” back in July, but now it looks like some big names might want to encroach on that shine.

Over the weekend, Drake – of all people – stepped to the Harlem rapper to challenge him to a battle. Yes, you read that right. Drake wants to battle Murda Mook. LOL.

Maybe it was one of those “ha ha” joke moments that Drake pulls on his buddies in the club because he’s so funny. However, it didn’t look that way in the Instagram picture. Seems like Drake is serious. Hold your horses, sport.

It’s not too good of an idea for a chihuahua like Drake to step into the ring with a pitbull like Mook. It could get ugly. Does OVO really want to serve up their star player like a sacrificial lamb?

Before Drake makes the mistake of his life, we ran down five reasons why he should rethink the whole thing. Take a seat, grab some hookah, and let’s reconsider, Drizzy. We don’t want you to get hurt.

5. You can’t use a BlackBerry in a battle. 

Back in ’09, Drake made his first huge splash on Hot 97 with this Funkmaster Flex freestyle. But it wasn’t the bars he was spitting as much as where he was getting them from – specifically, the BlackBerry he read from the entire time. That, along with his “BlackBerry with the side scroll” line, has made Drake the premier candidate for a BlackBerry sponsorship–not a battle.

It also added fuel to the fire that had hip-hop heads came for Drake’s neck. Many criticized him for being soft and more of an R&B artist than a rapper (which they still do), and when he read rhymes off the BlackBerry, it only served to confirm the beliefs of those who hated him – “he’s not a REAL rapper.”

You can’t bring a BlackBerry to a rap battle, Drake. You’ll get thrown out of the building before you even start your first round. You don’t want to end up like a high-tech Canibus against Dizaster.

4. You barely beat Common… 

Remember the time Drake and Common went at it over Serena Williams and Common said   “You ain’t wet nobody, n*gga, you Canada dry“? The whole thing was softer than a pillow fight.

We won’t deny that Drake might have gotten the better of Com, but it was only off star power (and the popularity of ‘Stay Schemin’), not any lyrical prowess. Com was writing love letters to hip-hop in ’94. Drake writes actual love letters. Come on, dog.

Drake has to prove he can completely embarrass an opponent before he even thinks of stepping up to the plate with a guy like Mook. We’re talking practice.

3. …And you still need to deal with Kendrick and Jay-Z.


We haven’t forgotten Drake’s dismissal of Kendrick and his “Control” verse at CRWN last year, though everyone else has. Drake has had a better 2014, no doubt about it, but back in July, when Drake called himself and J. Cole the “only two kings,” everyone knew he was still reacting to Kendrick’s claim to the throne.

This year, Drake’s had a different opponent – Hova. It all started when Drake mentioned Hov’s corny art raps and Jay fired back on the “We Made It” remix. Drake volleyed shots on “Draft Day,” accompanied by a jab on TV about fondue, and things have been quiet ever since. But Drake has always made public his admiration of Jigga. Who is he kidding here?

Drizzy’s got to “Take Care” of the quarrels he’s already embroiled in before he gets involved with Mook. Battle rap is 24/7 beef. Does Drake drink enough Ginger Ale to deal with that drama?

2) You can’t even beat Nicki Minaj in a battle


Nicki’s verse on Kanye’s ‘Monster’ should tell you everything you need to know. Bar for bar, Drake would get torn apart in a battle against Nicki – there’s no question. Nicki could unleash her Roman alter ego and make it quiet for a lot of battle rappers, but we’re Kermit with the Lipton.

The point is, Nicki is seen by many as a pop star – “Starships” and all that. Drake is already seen as a soft rapper, so if the de facto pop star on your record label can whoop you in a rap battle, you’re in trouble. Maybe Drake could do some sparring with his Cash Money sister to prepare, but until he can straight up out rap her, he isn’t ready for the battle rap big leagues.

1. You’re just not built for battle rap, Drake

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Look, there’s no one else we listen to right after we’ve looked through our partner’s phone and felt guilty about ever doubting them, even if it was locked and we couldn’t read their texts anyway. Drake still makes dope music for the right mood, but let’s be real – that mood doesn’t involve any battle rappers.

Simply put, young Canuck, you’d be stepping out of your lane trying to go up against Murda Mook. We know you rock with King Of The Dot and your high profile brings an added level of attention to the battle scene that’s appreciated by everybody. But don’t attach yourself to this battle stuff for cachet. That doesn’t win any respect. You’ll get chewed up and spit out, and then even your female fans will think you’re a wimp.

You’re probably all amped up from this “Drake Vs. Lil’ Wayne” tour you’ve got going on, but remember – even Wayne said he can’t battle rap. That isn’t exactly iron sharpening iron – more like sizzurp softening Bounty. Think about this decision real hard before you step into the ring with Mook, Drizzy. You might want to stick to battling your Cash Money brethren on stage. You won’t get body bagged that way.

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