Usher Gets Curved By Nicki Minaj In Latest Video

If you watched the VMA’s this past Sunday, you were among those of us who wondered why Usher didn’t perform his hit, “Good Kisser” and opted for the newer, “She Came To Give It To You.” Yes, there was the cameo by the ever-present Nicki Minaj, making it ideal for the VMA crowd, but “Good Kisser” is just a better song. However, the mystery is now solved because Mr. Raymond was setting up his second single for national exposure.

The track, which triggers serious Mary Jane Girls resonance in our heads, is produced by Pharrell and now gets a video treatment, along with placement in a Cheerios commercial. The clip finds Usher channeling his not-so-inner Michael Jackson once again with Nicki making a more subdued cameo from what appears to be the last TV repair shop on earth.

The most risqué this gets is when a hairy spider (presumably leftover from the “Anaconda” shoot) is crawling up Onika’s bosom.  With a canned appearance by the biggest star in music Usher manages to do the impossible and makes a rather ho hum video featuring Nicki Minaj. Somebody came to give it to you, but it wasn’t Nicki.

Maybe this is why he let his freak flag fly at the VMAs, not only ogling Kim Kardashian on the red carpet, but literally head butting Nicki’s ass during their set. He knew he was about to drop this snoozer on us.


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