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50 Cent Becomes Hip-Hop’s New Cyber Bully, He Won’t Leave Floyd Mayweather Alone


Apparently we can’t just all get along—or at least not when 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. are in the picture…together.

For weeks now, 50 Cent has been gunning Mayweather via his Instagram. And why? Just because. Most recently he posted a “letter,” allegedly written from Floyd to T.I.’s wife, Tiny. It was filled with spelling errors. 50’s gone as far as using the viral ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to nominate Floyd to read a single page out of a Harry Potter book.

Mayweather came from a broken home. Both his parents did drugs. His father was incarcerated for it. He dropped out of high school to pursue boxing, and it obviously served him well. Whether he can read a page from a children’s book or not, Mayweather was the highest-paid athlete in the world last year, according to Forbes.com. I’m just saying… 

The beef between the two started back in 2012. Mayweather and 50 were working together on what they hoped would become a promotional team called “TMT Promotions.” While Mayweather spent two months in jail on a domestic violence conviction, 50 claims to have spent $2 million signing boxers and securing a promoter’s license.

Meanwhile, a former Mayweather associate, Tommy Summers, tried to convince Mayweather that he needed to split from adviser Al Haymon and fight exclusively under the TMT Promotions banner. Mayweather wasn’t with the move and thought it to be disloyal (believing 50 was behind it) which led to him cutting ties with both 50 and Summers.

The two engaged in a well-publicized Twitter beef in November 2012 and it’s all been history ever since.

The entire thing is childish, to say the least, but still pretty comical. So for your laughing pleasures I thought it appropriate to stroll through the 50 Cent mockery of Floyd Mayweather from start to the latest (because it just keeps getting better and better).

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