Childish Gambino Finally Gets To Be Spider-Man

childish gambino

Donald Glover a.k.a. Childish Gambino is the Jack of all Trades! Known for his roles on TV, center stages and more he’s now adding yet another trade to the list.

Glover will be playing the voice of Miles Monroe, the half-Black and half-Hispanic counterpart to Peter Parker, on “The Ultimate Spider-Man” on Disney XD. Parker and Monroe live in a parallel world. Their encounter shocks Monroe because Parker is dead, but apparently doesn’t know it. Talk about trippy….

Back in 2010 Glover made no secret of his desire to play the web crawler in a film and his fans began the campaign “#donald4spiderman” on social media.  While the part ultimately went to Andrew Garfield in 2012’s Amazing Spiderman the rapper/actor will now get to live out his dream.

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