Dame Dash Claims Jim Jones’ Beef Is Family Business

Damon Dash is still wondering what set off Jim Jones this past week. The infamous Instagram photo called out Dash as a “culture vulture,” but Dash’s response called for a resolution to the conflict rather than creating new beef. In a new interview with Kenyatta aka “The Barber Walters,” Dash explained that he’s confused as to why Jones would call him out on social media like that. He has nothing but love and respect for his fellow Harlem friend, who’s cool with his entire family.

“He’s my friend. I love his son, I love his mom. I grew up with that dude. That’s where forgiveness comes in,” said Dash in the interview.

The situation bares a striking resemblance to one where Dash was the one crying “culture vulture” about Joie Manda, Lyor Cohen, and more that led to a very heated conversation on-air between him and Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex. Now that he’s back in the hot seat, Dame plans on taking a more mature approach to the drama.

“I wish He would have approached me different,” said Dash, “but families have problems sometimes.”

Check out what he had to say about the situation here.

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