Detroit Rubber

Detroit Rubber Ep. 2 of 8: Here’s What You Missed

detroit rubber episode 2

In the next episode of “Detroit Rubber,” Ro and Rick think of a great teambuilding exercise for the store. They entered in the dirtiest challenge that has swept the nation, “Tough Mudder.” But the team isn’t as hype as the guys expected them to be. Aside from Devin, who was only days away from the age requirement, Jay John and AZ weren’t about it at first. Soon enough, they agree and team Burn Rubber hit the mud.

On the day of the challenge, AZ is nowhere to be found, leaving Jay John, Ro and Rick left to complete the course. While Ro & Rick are beating the odds, Jay John feels the burn in the mud and decided to create his own course. Will the team make it to the finish line alive? Check out the latest episode of Detroit Rubber here.

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