Joey Bada$$: “Today, People Allow The Art of Hip Hop To Be Raped For Dollars”

In the new age of hip-hop, there has been a disconnect between the art of the music and the business. According to Joey Bada$$, the game has been used, abused and manipulated for the sake of money. In a recent interview with Montreality, the Pro Era chief discussed what he thought of the game today. He explained that hip-hop has been “raped” for money and that a lot of new artists that are breaking through don’t really say much in their lyrics.

“I feel like today people allow the art of hip-hop and culture of it to be raped for dollars,” Joey said during the interview. “Mad mediocre shit is rulin’ that don’t even make no sense. If you look at these cats lyrics, they’re not even saying shit. But it sounds good.”

Joey also confirmed that his debut album, B4.DA.$$, is 90% finished. He also speaks on some memories with the late Capitol Steez and marks him as one of his major inspirations. Watch him speak on the Pro Era symbol controversy and more in the full interview here.

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