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Kevin Gates on The Combat Jack Show: I’ve Never Shared These Things Before

Kevin Gates on Combat Jack Show

During a recent trip to New York, Kevin Gates stopped by the Combat Jack Show to share a lot more than we might have bargained for. The Baton Rouge rapper dropped gems and revealed a number of things about himself he says he’s never told anyone, aside from Combat Jack, before.

If you didn’t already know Gates does not drink. “It don’t taste good,” he says. Agreed.

Gates deepens his conversation with Combat Jack after admitting he performs a psychoanalysis on himself from time to time. Gates counsels himself by being honest, asking questions such as “how do I feel” and keeping a self inventory, “I got to check me.”

The mood is lightened, only slightly, after Combat Jack brings up “eating the booty,” a topic first discussed during an interview between Gates and DJ Whoo Kid. Gates openly admits he’s more than willing to please his women in whatever way possible. His rough exterior is nothing to be fooled by. He actually loves to be nurtured.

The conversation resumes it’s deep tone after Kevin drops this gem: “Epiphanies are had in one’s solitude.” For the first time ever he admits, to Combat Jack, that he hasn’t been happy since 2007.

Check out the full interview below.

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