Miami’s Starting Quarterback Is Son Of “Bye Felicia” Girl From ‘Friday’


Remember in the movie Friday, when Felicia the crackhead came by Smokey’s house asking to use his car? And she got turned down with the quickness? Here’s a reminder if you don’t recall:

Turns out the joke is on us. Angela Means-Kaaya is the actress who played Felicia in F. Gary Gray’s classic directorial debut, and her son is Brad Kaaya, all-star quarterback for the University of Miami Hurricanes. Take that, Chris Tucker.

Kaaya is a true freshmen, so for him to get the starting job of QB at Miami is no small feat. His mother must be proud of him. She also appeared in House Party 3 with Kid ‘n Play and popped up on In Living Color with the Wayans brothers, but Felicia probably needed to borrow that car to get her son to practice. Watch ESPN’s take on the whole thing below.

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