DJ Mustard Reveals Tension With YG In Part Two Of #CRWN

In part two of #CRWN, presented by vitaminwater®, DJ Mustard goes in depth about what it was like making songs for YG’s incredible My Krazy Life album, which is stock full of Mustard hits. 

Oddly enough, Mustard reveals that he and YG have a “weird relationship” now that they’ve both taken off at the same time. He jokes that now it’s “a standoff to see who will speak first” if they haven’t seen each other in a while.

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Mustard also tells Elliott Wilson that “I’m Different,” the huge 2 Chainz single, was originally a song by YG and Freddie Gibbs (you can hear the original right here), he didn’t like the “BPT” beat at first, and he made the “Left Right” beat in 30 minutes.

Watch the entire second half up top, and stay tuned for our next #CRWN announcement, coming sooner than you think.

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