Bobby Shmurda Performs With The Chainsmokers At Electric Zoo


Bobby Shmurda is facing some inevitable legal troubles but he decided to blow off some steam on Randall’s Island for Labor Day weekend. The vine star, who was recently signed to Epic Records for $2 million, surprised early-bird ravers by appearing on stage with The Chainsmokers on Sunday (Aug 31).

The EDM duo responsible for the dance hit “Selfie” took to social media to “reveal” their surprise guest. After a few videos that expressed their excitement for Electric Zoo, Chainsmoker’s Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall dropped this interesting PSA.

Then, the day of their scheduled appearance, The Chainsmokers tweeted another revealing clue before the start of their set:

Shortly after, they finally give away the surprise guest as he came on stage to perform.

Here’s some footage of Shmurda before he hit the Ezoo stage.

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