28 Reasons Madonna’s Career Is Still Afloat



I think by now we’ve noticed Madonna’s career is everlasting, but the question is how?

It’s been over 20 years since the material girl made her grand entrance into the music world and it’s become evident she’ll do whatever it takes to stay there.  However, being relevant in the mainstream world isn’t even the problem here. Madonna will do anything, no matter how ridiculous it is, to stay in the limelight.

Although she is one of the greatest icons to grace the music world, her time of relevancy is up, but it looks like she won’t tolerate it. Her signature move?  Latching herself onto anything and anyone that is hot at the moment and disposing of them as soon as she’s made her mark.  We created a list of people who ended up in her presence and how they boosted her career a notch higher.

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