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The Five Best Math Hoffa Battles

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We know, we know – Math Hoffa gets into fist fights at rap battles. Back when he was coming up, he went toe to toe with Serius Jones at Fight Klub and japped him in the face when the battle went into overtime. It happened again with Dose on URL and revenge was served cold when Dizaster decked Math at the end of their KOTD battle.

But all that is secondary when you hear Hoffa rap. He’s quietly one of the most consistent battle MCs out today, never getting too fancy with the rhymes. He’s versatile, too – he can rhyme fast or slow, joke around or get serious, craft intricate bars and really simple ones. He’s an expert at rebuttals and he has always sounded like himself and no one else. There’s a reason he keeps getting offers despite being involved with multiple scuffles.

As we reflect on all the mistakes we made this summer, it seems best to highlight the best Math Hoffa battles. Take a quick tour with us as we watch him break down one opponent after the other.

Note: obviously, not all of Math Hoffa’s battles are available to view on Youtube, so if you have a better selection that isn’t online, let us know in the comments what battles you think are Math’s best. 

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