Sway Embarasses Troy Ave For Rhyming Off His Phone

When Drake read off his BlackBerry on Funk Flex’s show years ago, it was almost an afterthought. The kid was already halfway to stardom; rapping off a BlackBerry only solidified the fact that he might be a bit corny, too.

When Troy Ave appeared on Sway In The Morning with his artist Young Lito over the weekend, no one expected a Drake rerun. He didn’t get far into his rhymes before taking out his phone and moving some water bottles in front of him to block the camera’s view. Sway had the answers for that. At the 1:45 mark, he smoothly takes those water bottles away.

And Troy’s corniness only got worse. Later in the video, he starts counting money like he’s Cam on Rap City. Troy Ave will bring back everything you already heard and saw. Watch the full clip above.

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