Machine Gun Kelly Gets Caught Up In The World’s Dumbest Traffic Stop

If you weren’t already aware—and don’t worry, because we weren’t—it’s illegal to air-drum while driving and Machine Gun Kelly found out the hard way. Okay, so maybe it isn’t really illegal, but it’s enough to get you stopped by this dumbo cop. After “having a good ‘ol time playing the drums on the steering wheel while driving” MGK was stopped by a Salt Lake City cop who stumbled upon his words while asking for the vehicle’s registration. My guess? He realized how dumb the traffic stop was and tried thinking of a reason to retract his actions. Of course, things escalated a bit once the officer noticed he was being recorded by a mini go-cam. At that very moment he proceeded to call backup, which resulted in the car being searched. But no worries, MGK got off clean. Kudos to him for keeping cool.

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