Surfbort: 15 Ways Your Girl Can Dress Like Beyonce


It’s been a hot minute since Queen Bey released her eponymous album (since December 13, 2013, if we’re being precise here) and shook the world. The world’s still shakin’ – thanks to Beyonce and her love of little leotards – and we still can’t get enough.

Those videos though. We won’t bother questioning how all 17 music videos were produced under wraps; we’ll just be thankful (to the Illuminati brethren?). Seventeen short films oozing nothing but music, sex, and a whole lot of Beyonce in whole lot of little-to-nothing has inspired her fans to copy in a multitude of ways.

While we can’t deliver Bey, the background music, or any professional lighting, what we can give you is insight on where to find all the best lingerie featured in her videos. Click it, gift it, and you’ll instantly win “Boyfriend of the Month.” And if superlatives aren’t important to you, get this: you’re about to get the ride of your life the next time you’re drunk in love.

Buy now, thank us later: we’re about to help you make your dreams come true.—Kimberly Yang | @abitcoquettish

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