A Complete History Of Young Jeezy Intros

Jeezy Def Jam


If there’s one thing that’s been consistent about Young Jeezy’s music, it’s been the intros to his albums. Ever since his debut Come Shop Wit Me (after he switched his name from Lil’ J to Young Jeezy), Jizzle has been known for having the strongest opening statements in the game. It’s almost like his A&R team takes pains to make sure the intro is a highlight for hardcore Jeezy fans every time.

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Earlier this week, Jeezy’s new LP Seen It All dropped, and the intro – “1/4 Block” – is one of his best in years. It made us think – why hasn’t anyone compiled all of Jeezy’s classic intros in one place? These are the songs that make you look up to the sky on a rainy day and just pray for a brick. We need this.

As you spin Jeezy’s new album and contemplate the pros and cons, take time out of your grind to reflect on the guy who’s always made the best soundtrack to hustling. This is the Complete History of Young Jeezy Intros. Let’s get it. 

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