Detroit Rubber

Detroit Rubber Episode 4: Devin Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is

Now that he’s over his fear of getting robbed, Devin wants to step it up around the store especially when it comes to designing. He decides to pitch the guys an idea for a new logo design to go on a line of caps to sell in the store. At first Ro and Rick seemed apathetic about the idea, but once Devin starts to break down the design the guys consider the idea and decide to put it into action.

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Meanwhile, it’s prom night in Detroit and Devin is preparing to stunt on everyone at the Prom sendoff with his exclusive suit. With his gorgeous girlfriend by his side, all of his family and friends gathered as the sendoff celebration begins, but Ro and Rick are nowhere to be found. Once he gets to prom, Devin is surprised by a sentimental effort from Ro and Rick that completes his night. Check out how it all went down in the next episode of Detroit Rubber.

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