Michael Jai White & Laila Ali Talk “Falcon’s Rising” In NYC & Atlanta

Over the weekend, martial arts expert Michael Jai White and boxing champion Laila Ali captivated audiences along the East coast while spreading the message about their new film, Falcon’s Rising. Directed by Eric Barbarash, the action-packed thriller shines light on several taboo topics that plague the world today, like sex trafficking, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other challenges that may overcome military veterans and their families.

The story dives into the pressing life of John Chapman (White), an ex-Marine who suffers from PTSD. After finding out that his sister (Ali) was brutally beaten while in Rio de Janiero, Chapman ventures into Brazil to discover what happened and take matters into his own hands. With the help of an old war buddy, played by Neal McDonough, Chapman is able to launch his own investigation into his sister’s beating and uncover the corrupt ways of the favelas.

Chapman doesn’t let his defense down as numerous fights unfold throughout the film. While he’s able to fight off most of the gangsters that are set on taking his life, there were times when he was clearly outnumbered yet still managed to stay alive.

While White was on site in Atlanta for the official screening of the film, Ali was in Times Square answering the questions from the audience. Viewers were able to ask about the film’s premise, what they did to prepare for their roles and even White’s opinion about abundant fight scenes.

“It’s about control,” White told EUR. “When you are doing martial arts, you are practicing not hitting people. That’s the different between martial arts and fighting.”

Be sure to catch Falcon’s Rising in theaters now. Check out some live-action photos from both premieres in New York City and Atlanta.

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