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Starlito Visits The Spot Where Tupac Got Shot For New “Mood Swings & Mrs.” Video


“Relationships are repetitive now, taking all these sedatives / Got me looking up to the sky like, “Why you keep taking all of my relatives?”

Nashville, TN rapper Starlito has been one of the brightest Southern talents coming up in recent years, and each new piece of music he releases continues to prove how far he’s come as an artist. Over the weekend, we finally got to hear something from his next project, Black Sheep Don’t Grin, and it’s already one of the most unique rap songs of the year.

“Mood Swings & Mrs.” finds Lito pensive as usual, stuck in his own head as he tries to better himself. His newer music seems to have the bent of self-improvement, even as he coolly rehashes past mistakes on his road to redemption. The song is produced by Celsizzle, a Nashville producer who has worked with rappers like Lito, Young Buck, and Yo Gotti in the past (he even produced a collaboration between Starlito and Danny Brown that didn’t make it onto Fried Turkey last year).

As a guy who was once signed to Cash Money with Lil’ Wayne, Lito knows about setbacks. His music is always cured with a somber sense of resolve and wisdom, let alone regret. All that heartache is here on “Mood Swings & Mrs.” and if the single is any indication, Black Sheep Don’t Grin is gonna bust heads wide open.

Buy “Mood Swings & Mrs.” on iTunes here and watch the video above. He took to Tumblr to tell his fans about shooting the visual at the same spot where Tupac was shot in Vegas.

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