The Game Pays Tribute To Late Actress Simone Battle


Over the weekend, G.R.L. member Simone Battle, a former contestant of FOX’s “The X Factor,” was found dead in her West Hollywood apartment. According to the LA Times, the 25-year old’s body was discovered by her father in her bedroom Friday morning (Sept 5) after an alleged suicide.

Battle had joined the Pussycat Dolls in 2012 shortly before they were rebranded as G.R.L. headed by founder Robin Antin. After being featured in songs like Pitbull’s “Wild Wild Love,” the girl group dropped their self-titled EP back in July.

While the remaining members of G.R.L., their counterparts at Reign Deer Entertainment, Kemosabe Records, RCA Records, and Robin Antin mourned Battle’s death, The Game took to his Instagram to make an honorable dedication to the fallen singer. His caption reads:

“No matter how beautiful life appears to be, sometimes a closer look is needed to understand what problems might lie deep within,” he wrote. “Sometimes a simple hello, how are you, can I help you with anything, would you like to talk… or an I LOVE YOU just to let someone know that you care is enough to save a soul. My heart & condolences go out to Simone’s family & I wish her a beautiful journey into the after life & may God truly bless your soul.”

WatchLOUD sends its condolences to Simone Battle’s family and loved ones.

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