Literally Sell Your Soul? There’s An App For That…

peter fonda 'mephistoles' - ghost rider

ebay ian usher

I log onto eBay typically for books because I get them for a much better price than Barnes & Nobles, but eBay’s got more than just books. They’ve got everything you never knew you wanted. My favorite retailers are based in China because of the hot deals they often solicit. Why pay more when you could pay less? Wait-a-minute…wrong slogan, but that’s beyond the point. Not only will you find the best deals on eBay, but some of the most ridiculous too. I dug around to find the weirdest stuff actually sold on eBay and let me tell you guys, the list is far and wide. I’m talking imaginary friends, ghosts and even people. You’ll never guess how much one man’s life sold for, but there is a way to find out. I cannot make this stuff up. Just check it out for yourselves.

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