Scram Jones Breaks Down “Broken Safety” From Cuban Linx II

Five years ago today Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan released the sequel to one of the most celebrated albums in hip-hop, “Only Built For Cuban Linx.”  In taking on the daunting task of following up that classic he enlisted help from Jadakiss, Beanie Sigel, Slick Rick and more on the verses with J-Dilla, RZA, Erick Sermon and Scram Jones on the beat. In this interview with Scram tells the story behind one of the grimiest songs on the album, “Broken Safety,” which was originally a song he made for Sean Price.

“I had emailed that beat to a bunch of MCs and months had gone by and Raekwon hits me and says ‘listen, that beat you sent me I got Jada on it and Styles on it,” he recalls. “He even said he was trying to put Nas on it but that didn’t happen, he wanted it for ‘Cuban Links 2.’  I was like damn, ‘I just did a joint with Sean Price that I love.’ Raekwon was like it’s all good, it’s hip-hop they can both co-exist. It don’t matter.’”

Watch the video to hear the full story.

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