Five Classic Big Daddy Kane Freestyles


Do kids today know how important Big Daddy Kane is to this hip-hop thing? The timeless, ever-enduring style? The live, dance-filled performances? The sex appeal? The star power?

Name your favorite rapper and BDK has influenced them: Jay, Nas, Em, Snoop. His tightly wound metaphors opened up more possibilities for MCs to use their imagination while Rakim zeroed in on machine gun-like precision. Kane was an insane rhyme acrobat who could do it all – hit singles, battle raps, concept songs. He’s still the archetype to this day.

To celebrate the OG’s birthday today, we dug through the archives to find some classic BDK freestyles on the mic. If you didn’t know, Kane once broke down what it really means to “freestyle” below – and it’s probably not what you think it means. Learn up on these Five Classic Big Daddy Kane Freestyles.

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