Mike Tyson Curses Out TV Reporter Live On Air

Mike Tyson is a good dude. Sure, he might have a couple screws missing, but if you treat him with kindness, he’s sure to reciprocate. But this Canadian TV reporter decided to throw some unintentional shade, and Tyson went from zero to 100, real quick.

Tyson was in town for his “Undisputed Truth” show and went on Canadian TV to promote the gig when the reporter asked Tyson about his trip to the mayor’s office, hinting that the association might have been controversial, as Tyson is a “convicted rapist.” Tyson didn’t like that one bit, quickly becoming disracted and calling the reporter a “piece of sh*t” multiple times. When the reporter quickly cuts the segment short and thanks Mike for coming, Tyson’s only response is, “F*ck you.”

Watch the whole thing above and have a chuckle.

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