Nicki Minaj Teaches White Women How To Twerk

A plethora of “Anaconda” memes hit the internet once Nicki Minaj released the track’s artwork. We enjoyed those while tweeting and instagraming them out to our followers, then waited patiently for the full length video after we caught wind of the “Anaconda” trailer. Oh how we waited…

Must WatchNicki Minaj’s Rump Gets Roasted In “Anaconda” Parody [VIDEO]

It was only a matter of time before someone spoofed the ‘ass-tastic’ visual, and who better than Ellen DeGeneres? Watch as she breaks it down with Nicki and the rest of her voluptuous ladies. If you ask me, Ellen’s version should have also been released. She’s actually not half bad…or at least not when compared to these Alexander Wang models below…

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