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15 Ab-Soul Facts You Didn’t Know



Next Tuesday, September 16, TDE’s Ab-Soul will sit down with Elliott Wilson for the next installment of CRWN, presented by vitaminwater®. With his latest album, These Days… causing some ripples in the industry earlier this year, Soul has maintained his status as the most cerebral of the group. Kendrick, Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock bring their own talents to the arena, but Ab-Soul is the conspiracy theorist. The guy with his third eye open. The one who misses the late Alori Joh the most.

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On Tuesday, Elliott will dive in Soulo’s past, present and future, but before we hear them talk, it’s best we review some little known Ab-Soul facts that he’s revealed in the past couple years. These are 15 Ab-Soul Facts You Didn’t Know. 

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