This Bobby Shmurda Interview Is Everything You’d Expect From Bobby Shmurda

It’s official. Bobby Shmurda has made it, or at least that’s what we can conclude when he’s in the studio chopping it up with Angie Martinez.

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He stopped by for an interview with the Voice of New York where they discussed a wide range of topics from his preference in boxers to his first hoopty, a Maxima ’98 which Momma Shmurda sold for a whopping $250 while Bobby was away in FL. A crushed Bobby admits it was due to the many parking tickets he had accumulated. Bobby also reveals his childhood nickname, which Angie loved. Their 13-minute sit down was actually a rather comical one and so, for your reading pleasures we’ve highlighted the best ones.

  • Not that being late is ever funny, because being on time is typically the route we should all opt to take, but Bobby was in fact late to his interview with Angie. But it’s all good because Angie wasn’t tripping, however, she did ask that he show up on time to PowerHouse, October 30. Bobby vowed to do so.
  • Bobby apologizes for being late and blames it on having to dress himself because he’s currently in search of a new stylist. Yes, he’s got a stylist…or better yet said used to. Bobby admits to firing his employee after picking out an outfit Bobby did not approve of. He’s not with the second chance business. One strike, you’re OUT! If anyone’s interested in styling the young Shmurda gawd, you can reach out to any of the “homies.” He pays in outfits.
  • Grown and sexy is the look Bobby went for when dressing himself for his sit-down with Angie…in case you were wondering.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Bobby is still from the hood. Nothing’s changed Bobby admits as he flaunts the pair of classic Haynes boxer he wears. Also, because he hates when a man’s shirt hangs out the back, he tucks his wifebeater into his boxers. Oh and that extra pocket in the boxer-briefs, he’s got those too. “If you’re from the hood you know about the extra pocket,” he jokes.”
  • We learned Bobby Shmurda’s got one more name during his sit-down. While the ladies call him “Bobby,” men call him “Shmurda.” His fellow GS9ers, however, call him “Chewey.” It’s a nickname he developed as a young child with no teeth. Bobby’s teeth didn’t fully grow in until he was five and up until then he chewed his food on the site of his mouth. Watching him mimic the movements were pretty funny.
  • Ever wonder what makes a good Shmoney Dance? The answer is “rhythm” and “flow.” Just so you know! And if you need some clarification you can check out Bobby’s favorite Shmoney dance from model Deelishis‘. Then again, I’m sure it’s his favorite for all the wrong reasons.
  • As the interview comes to a closing everything just gets better and betters. Rowdy Rebel and Bobby Shmurda join in a duet singing and dancing foolishly to Tinashe’s “2 On.”
  • Bobby closes his sit-down with Ang by totally digressing and talking about a time when his breath was rocking. “I was embarrassed,” he said as he told the story of a sales associate’s reaction when he opened his mouth to speak. Needless to say, he didn’t buy anything in the store that day and learned a very important lesson: never listen to your boys.
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