10 Jhene Aiko Quotables From Her “Behind The Seen” Documentary

Def Jam sweetheart Jhene Aiko gives fans a “behind the seen” look at what her life is like while on the road.

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The songstress details the concept of her debut album Souled Out, talks about being on the road and how it’s helped her creatively. She furthers her discussion on daughter Namiko Love, who is one of the features on “Promises.” If you weren’t very familiar with the “Worst” singer, now’s the perfect time to change that. Below are 13 things we didn’t know about Jhene before, but know now and thought right to share.

1. “If Tupac, Sade and Dr. Suess came together and had an orgy, got Sade pregnant and there was a girl who was raised by one of them who was not the biological father…anyway, it would be me.” DOPE!

2. “I never considered myself like like an entertainer, so I never wanted to be in front of crowds. Once I realized they were connecting with my words, with my stories, then it was more about me wanting to share it with them in person.”

3. “Performing is not something I grew up doing.”

4. “J. Henny started off as a nickname in middle school. I had a friend that would call me J. Henny because my name was spelled J-H-E—I guess you could pronounce J. Henny. So I feel like when I’m rapping or pretending to be a rapper that that is who I become. A little more confident, a little more aggressive. Just say something that you’d be like ‘What, I didn’t expect that from you.'” DOPE

5. “I’ve always liked to focus on one thing at a time, but that’s impossible in this field of work.” 

6. “She [Namiko] helps me be more honest with my song writing, and just the things that I do because I want to be that example for her. She’s curious about the things that I do.” 

7. “The song “Promises” on Souled Out is a song featuring Namiko Love and the second verse is to my brother who passed away from a brain tumor and he was 26. The second verse is basically me telling him that I’m gonna be alright like no matter what  because I feel like his energy is still here. His energy is what keeps me going.”

8. “Souled Out  is a play on words. It’s the opposite of selling out or being sold out as far as money. It’s about being true to yourself and being so confident in who you are and in your soul and knowing that you are more than what money can offer.”DOPE

9. “Souled Out means understanding that you are a soul with a body and not a body with a soul.”

10. “This album is me expressing my soul and telling my stories. 

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