What Lil’ Kim Has In Common With This Disney Princess


A displaced ruler seeking to win back her rightful place in the game. Disney movie plot? Nah, that’s real life, son! In the mid to late 1990s rapper Lil’ Kim took her place as hip-hop’s Queen Bee with the help and support of the late Notorious B.I.G. Despite titillating her way to over 8 million albums sold worldwide and amassing an adoring fan base, twenty years later the rap veteran has been working to reclaim her seat at the top of the rap charts.

We know that getting your spot back is hard and Kim has had her fair share of detractors…


But her fans are steadfast and refuse to let her go…



Her latest collection is an homage to her debut, the undeniable Hardcore, that shares the same name but is definitely a reinvention of Miss Jones.  Her story is one that most can relate to, but we can think of a certain Disney Princess that can empathize with having her identity stolen, kingdom usurped, and the struggle to get your life back–Vanellope Von Schweetz of Wreck-It Ralph. Check out some outtakes of “Hard Core” and you’ll see what we mean.

Real Sick f/ Jadakiss

Lil’ Kim applies a little bit of psycho analysis “Got ill thoughts and needs a head scan...” But we think the diagnosis is a little less judgmental…



Kimmie Blanco

We’re going to ignore the skin bleaching puns that this track name begs for and just let her speak for herself.

“I go off on tracks like derailed trains…Plant a few seeds that’s how I catch you bird brains”

We strapped in them V-12s, no seat belts…


Stadium Music f/ Yo Gotti

“I put this money over everything, I do it for the love and my Royal Reign…”  Royal Reign being her new baby girl but Venellope had her eye on her coins for sure…


They say I got that proper/ got on my hater blockers…call be betty crocker, my icing is a topper…”


Work The Pole

“I make you take it back..DeLorean…



Identity Theft

I guess it’s back to stashin guns in the bra again/pullin bitches out their car again…these swagger jackers give the game a bad look…I ain’t got time for bum bitches/the gun kitted...”



Dead Gal Walking

This says it all: “I let a lot of the bullsh*t slide/ cross the queen and you’ll be buried alive…










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