Royce Da 5’9″ and DJ Premier Preview New Song – Is A Full-Length LP In The Works?

Let’s be blunt – it looks like DJ Premier and Royce Da 5’9″ are working on a full-length project.

Today, they dropped a preview of a video for a song in which they walk into Adrian Younge’s record shop, set up wheels of steel, and just start rapping. Primo scratches while Royce makes one thing clear: “This is for the real hip-hop n*ggas who would never, ever, ever ask me if I’m here to replace Guru.”

A few months back, our editor spoke to DJ Premier and the Gang Starr producer let us in on a little secret:

“I got a secret album…not Nas, but a dope MC and a really unique project. So that’s gonna be an all-DJ Premier produced album but with only one artist. I only sampled one artist, and only their music, and nobody else. You know, usually when I make beats, I sample from everybody. I used one artist, and only their stuff, I made a whole album out of that.”

Could he be talking about the Royce project? The two seem to be going by PRhyme, so we’ll be watching out for what’s next. For now, watch the sneak preview above.

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