Watch Gunplay, Chris Webby & Nyck Caution Of Pro Era in the #RapFest Cipher

Since its world premiere on MTV Jams last week, RapFest is back with a new cipher of booming talent. In series 2, MMG rapper Gunplay joins forces with independent rapper Chris Webby and Pro Era’s own Nyck Caution to trade bars over Miami producer Audio Jones’ slick beat. In between each freestyle, we get a closer look at what went into the creation of the beat.

RapFest continues to fuse the most successful names in the industry with the up-and-coming artists and producers who are hungry for the shine. With the success of their first series with Smoke DZA, Delorean and Prodigy, the momentum of the new source for music is skyrocketing. Who will be next to step into the cipher? Watch Series 2 here.

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