Nicki Minaj’s Rump Gets Roasted In “Anaconda” Parody [VIDEO]

Youtube comedian Bart Baker and actress Tiffanny Tynes have confused us. We had convinced ourselves that Nicki Minaj’s sexy  “Anaconda” video was actually a parody of her own success but now they’ve gone and parodied her parody and we’re tumbling down a rabbit hole of gluteus inception not really sure which way is up.

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While some of the jabs are a bit mean-spirited, we can’t help but laugh at observations like this: “For some reason there’s a gym out in the jungle/where I lift these tiny weights to work out my fake muscles/ I pump real hard but there’s no sweat on my complexion/ cause I numb all my sweat glands with these Botox injections…”

Watch the full parody above and send your love (or hate) to Tiffany Tynes on her Instagram page.


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