BeyHive vs Rihanna Navy: Which Twitter Fans Go The Hardest?

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There’s levels to this fanship. Lil Kim’s got her “Queen Bee Nation,” Beyoncé’s got her “Beyhive,” Rihanna’s got a damn “Navy,” Chris Brown’s got a lot of dedicated young ladies and Nicki Minaj’s got her trusty “Barbz.” I’m sorry “Azaleans,” but you just didn’t make the cut this time around. Allow me to explain…

The Queen Bee holds two strong fan clubs on Twitter—@QueenBeeNation and @LilKim_FanClub—both with over 10K followers, who will not hesitate to blow up the mentions of anyone that disses their Queen.

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K. Michelle felt their wrath shortly after tweeting this less than a month ago: “Yessss to the Queen of rap. Nicki did that! Jessie J sings her face all the way off. #Salute.

Let’s just say Lil Kim fans were not fond of someone other than Kim being called the “Queen of rap,” this person in particular.

And then there was this girl.

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