Yeezus Walked: Why Kanye Needs To Have A Seat (UNSOLICITED ADVICE)

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words by Mr. Mecc

I guess some things never change….

I mean, on the one hand, the human highlight reel for all things WTF known as Kanye West has been relatively quiet on the tail end of 2014. Sure the masses of black twitter gave him a virtual wet-willie when photos revealed that his b-ball crossover came with a constipation face. But for a guy who’s basically a one-man meme machine, that was tip-toeing through the tulips! Some even suggested that by pointing out that the Yeezus action face made Tim Duncan look like Jim Carey was actually picking on him! The times, they were a-changing, the tide was a-turning and Mr. West wasn’t always gonna be the assh*le we toasted to…

And then the old Kanye showed up…

During a recent show in Sydney Australia, halfway through the track “Good Life,” Kanye decided that he couldn’t continue the song unless everybody stood up, including, unfortunately, a cat confined to a wheelchair.

At first it was taken as a bit of good-natured ribbing. Folks really, really REALLY wanted to believe that there was no way the good, reincarnated Christian-husband-brother West was back to being the prick of Biblical proportions… Right? Not this guy… Right?

However, after seeing that one fan wasn’t standing he sent security to make sure that he was actually confined to the chair…

Lets go through the checklist.

Jesus – Turned water into wine

Yeezus – Turns on recorders and whines.

Jesus – Heals the sick.

Yeezus – He’s a prick.

Jesus – Resurrects.

Yeezus – Disrespects.

Jesus – Heals the lame to walk.

Yeezus – Talks lame to folks who CAN’T walk

Now think, What Would Jesus Do if he was a rich, multi-platinum, Grammy Award winning recording artist? Well first, he wouldn’t think some cat brought a wheelchair to a show for shits a giggles. Second he’d probably remember that the audience is there because they paid to be. That they don’t owe him any favors and he’s not doing them one by rapping on stage. That if they choose to sit on their ass, sit on their hands or stand on their heads, well then by the power vested in the dollar, by the great state of Ticket-master, they can. Third, he’d think that at the end of the day, he’s being paid more than most of them will see in a year to entertain them, not the other way around. And lastly, Jesus would take into account that anyone who had to pack a wheelchair for a concert trip doesn’t need to be reminded about it when you unpack the ego-trip you’re on.

No justifying that bruh.

Every time Kanye walks this walk it gets that much harder to resurrect the respect his actions and comments keep kamikazing into. It makes it easy to believe when fake stories of him dissing Tupac make the rounds LIKE THIS ONE. And just when we thought it was safe to talk to him, Yeezy makes it obvious that his foot is quite comfortable in his mouth. Unfortunately for us, it’s only after he’s stepped in it.

If we’ve ever needed breath control from an MC…

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