South Park Goes After Redskins Owner In New Episode

This is what I call trolling. The clip above previews a South Park episode that aired during Sunday’s night’s Redskins-Eagles game. Jay Gruden and quarterback Robert Griffin III join Dan Snyder, owner of the Redskins, as he barges into Eric Cartman’s office demanding he change his company name, which is ironically “Washington Redskins.”

In the name of decency, I am asking that you please stop using the name Washington Redskins to refer to your company,” Snyder says, because it’s “offensive” and “derogatory.”

The trolling comes from Snyder’s own resistance to change the name even after losing the trademark for the team’s name.

We’ll never change the name,” Snyder has told USA Today. “It’s that simple. NEVER — you can use caps.

Talk about resilience!



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